"The best support for your container transport"

About Overbeek

Overbeek has been involved in transport, storage, handling and trade of containers for many years. Besides the many years’ experience and versatility, our service is characterized by flexibility and reliability.


It all begun in 1940, when Mr J.M. Overbeek took over a forage company, with transport being a part of the activities. The transport activities were expanded with the transport of building materials and ferry transport later on.

When the container waited up on the transport industry in the sixties, Overbeek already anticipated the revolutionary development this would cause and focussed on the transport of these containers. This became Overbeek’s specialty.

Towards the end of the seventies, the management of Overbeek’s companies was taken over by the brothers C.W.M. Overbeek and M.N.C. Overbeek.

Overbeek opened an empty depot for storage and handling, cleaning and repairs of empty containers in 1976 to expand the service for clients in container transport.

The current location at the Butaanweg in Pernis, in the port area near the Benelux tunnel was occupied in 1980.

The used container trade started halfway the eighties.

The companies have been in hands of the cousins C.J.F. Overbeek and J.M.C. Overbeek since 2005.


Overbeek specialises in container trucking, depot, sales and rental.

Our statement for this is: "Overbeek the best support for your container transport".

The core value support means that service, flexibility and reliabilty to our customers is our priority. We are always ready to find solutions and to take an extra step. Our reward is a customer who comes back for more because of this.

Support is also leading in other ways in our company such as human resource and our participation in several projects to improve our service.



The Advantages


(last-minute, always a solution)


(keeping our promises)


(transport, depot, verkoop, verhuur. Subclasses transport: gensets, tipping chassis, 3TEU-Trucks, combichassis, 45', extra axle, IMO, waste, inter terminal)


(family business, since 1940, containers since end 60's)


(solely containers and within these very broad/all-round orientated);

Location centred within the Rotterdam port

(connection to barge and rail)


  • None


Butaanweg 50 - Havennummer 3002
3196 KC

BTW-nummer: NL006097911B01

  • Transport: 010-4382288 / info@overbeekbv.nl
  • Depot/Sales/Rental: 003110-4382288 / occ@overbeekcc.nl