Container transport

Internationaal Transportbedrijf Overbeek b.v. takes care of large numbers of transport of all possible types of containers from home and abroad every day. We have done so since the introduction of the container in the sixties. We use our own materials and deploy our enthusiastic staff for this.

Overbeek has its own container depot (OCC) in the centre of the Rotterdam port. It is possible to load / unload, connect / disconnect and safely store containers here. It is also possible to deliver containers in barges or by rail. This provides us with great flexibility, so we can perform the transport as efficiently as possible.

Transport goes to and from the port of Antwerp several times a day, so it is possible to offer our services from this port as well.

Our specialties:

  • Gensets
    Overbeek possesses a large number of gensets to control the temperature management of reefer containers while being transported. By means of a system that enables easy placing of the gensets underneath different trailers and its own mechanics, Overbeek can offer a high service level and flexibility.
  • Transfer
    Overbeek takes care of many transports for several clients between the different depots and terminals inside the port area every day. Our response to the needs is perfect because we use a combination of planned lorries and extra capacity from the rest of our fleet.
  • Tipping Trailer
    Overbeek has several tipping trailers in order to tip 20', 40' and High cube containers.
  • Dangerous Goods 
    The transport of dangerous substances takes place with certified drivers and inspected materials.
  • Waste Transport
    Overbeek has a  licence for waste transport.
  • Heavy Containers
    A large part of our lorries is equipped with extra axles in order to prevent any issues with the strict legislation regarding overload.



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